What our clients have to say about us.

Priti is fantastic! She helped me and my daughter move from the Upper West Side to Chelsea all within 4 days. I was starting to feel overwhelmed, but she provided support and guidance. She took care of everything from managing the movers to unpacking everything in our new apartment. Not one box was left unopened! It was wonderful having everything in its place and not having to worry about boxes. I have never had such a stress-free move like this one. She is professional and has a great attitude.

Kathy F., Chelsea, NYC

I had a lot of paperwork in our home office and realized I can’t part with anything and needed to learn how to manage paper. No one likes to go through paperwork but Priti made it fun and easy. She set up a filing system and taught me the essentials of sorting, filing, shredding or discarding paperwork. She also set up a system to make sure the mail didn’t pile up again. She has come back to refresh the space and see how the systems are working for me and adjust them so they better work for my needs. I usually hated being in the home office, but I love that space now and want to keep it in order as much as possible.

Valerie, Upper East Side, NYC

Priti knows how to get to work to get you organized! I can’t thank her enough.

Jeanie S., White Plains, NY

The closets throughout our house have been transformed thanks to Priti and her amazing skills! She was professional and punctual. Priti kept me motivated and focused. In no time, the closets were nothing like what we had started with. She helped manage the donations and I got rid of so many things knowing they would be used by others less fortunate than me. She not only organized the closets but and made them look appealing – welcoming! I have a certain style and thought I was organized but she showed me new way to organize and I can’t speak enough about her and how great I feel now.

Sharon, Brooklyn, NY

My husband and I were looking to downsize and move as we’re near retirement. But I would not have known where to start if it weren’t for Priti. She truly simplified the process. She not only decluttered our old house to put it up for sale but she also helped oversee our move – managed the movers, donations, etc. and she and the assistant unpacked all our things in our new home. Everything had a home and we weren’t stressed. It would have taken us so much longer to do everything she did and so well worth the money.

Donna S., Scarsdale, NY

I was referred to Priti by a friend and can’t say enough about her. I was a bit skeptical at first as I had never worked with anyone to declutter and organize but instantly connected with Priti. She is patient and knows what to ask to help you decide if you want to keep it or get rid of something without judging you. After our sessions, I feel emotionally lighter. I can focus on more important things in life like my relationships than materialistic things. My family can see the difference in me and our home!

Samantha, Armonk, NY

As new parents of twins, Priti was a life saver in so many ways. We were overwhelmed and did not know where to start in our process of moving while taking care of the babies 24/7. Priti decluttered our apartment, carefully packing and labeling items and even staged our apartment for the open house. We had a firm offer within two weeks of putting it on the market, and our broker confirmed that it was due to Priti’s staging and decluttering. She then helped pack all the contents of the apartment for our move so that the move itself was a piece of cake. As we are settling into our new home (and the twins are running wild), we continue to call Priti to come and look at rooms with a fresh pair of eyes and give us advice on what changes to make in order for us to use our spaces most efficiently. Bottom line, we are so impressed with her organizational skills as well as her patience and constant communication with us. She clearly explains what needs to be done and finishes the job, which is what we need with our busy lives. We are confident that Priti can help others no matter what their organizational needs.

Chetal P., Eastchester, NY

My husband and I moved and had a baby all within a week! While we thought we could organize our lives within those two big events, we were hardly organized two months after the baby arrived! We had one bedroom that was a collection of everything that didn’t have a place in our home, and our items were all over the place. I needed to get my house in order before I went back to work and that’s when I called Priti. She asked me to send her pictures beforehand and made amazing changes to our place within just two days!! We not only sorted through items that were long overdue, she helped determine and purchased the right organizing solutions for us, and made a to-do list for long after her organizing sessions ended to help keep us on track. When my first day of work came around, I had everything in place for our baby’s caregiver, but mostly I had a better sense of calm. I highly recommend Priti because she brought a sense of organization that worked for us and didn’t impose a one-size-fits-all approach. She is thoughtful, pleasant and truly has a gift when it comes to personal organization.

Monica C., Flushing, NYC

I wasn’t sure I wanted someone to come into my apartment and help me. I also felt it was expensive. Was I wrong! Priti changed my mind after just a few hours of working with her. She only worked on my master bedroom closet but I’m sure I’ll be calling her back to work on other areas of my apartment. She really made the closet flow better and showed me ways to organize things better.

Allison B., Upper West Side, NYC